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seta Below is information on our pre-natal and jumpboard classes featured on channel 9 news. You'll also find testimonials from many of our regular clients who experienced Pilates changing their bodies and lives.
“Seven years ago, I began Pilates as part of a physical therapy program to recover from a fractured vertebra. Regular Pilates workouts continue to be essential to my sense of physical well being. Patricia does a wonderful job tailoring her Pilates classes to address each client’s individual needs–from back injuries to shoulders and knees.”
Alison Stocks
“Patricia has an amazing understanding of the human body and how it moves when it is healthy and injured. She cares deeply about her clients and their well being. The studio and staff are friendly and inviting.”
Jean Barker
”At 57 years of age, my doctors told me I had no cartilage left in either knee. I was not ready for surgery and decided to try Pilates Vita to see if I could strengthen my knees and get back to hiking, biking, and skiing. I limped into Patricia’s Pilates classes in October of 2009 knowing nothing about pilates but desperate for help. In just a month or two, I was able to return to all my regular activities. I not only strengthened my knees, but my core, back, and flexibility improved as well. Patricia is a great teacher!”
Carol Hunt
“I discovered Pilates Vita and Patricia in January, 2009. After excruciating back pain and a knee with no cartilage, Patricia was sympathetic to my injuries and helped me strengthen my core muscles for my back and my quads and hamstrings for my knee. Although I did have to have a spinal fusion in 2 places in February, 2009, I was stronger going into the surgery than I had been in years. Because of my pilates work, I returned to the studio in just 2 months. Throughout the summer I worked on rebuilding my body, only to have a knee replacement in September. Right after my surgery, the nurses were so impressed that I could lift my body weight to the walker & start walking using my arm strength! I was back in the studio in just six weeks. I’ve never been stronger (in the past 30 years). Patricia is so in tune with anatomy and knows how to help even those with multiple issues. She even recognizes minor differences in my body from one class to the next. Pilates is a part of my life now.”
Lynne Drew
“At age 72 I experienced severe lower back and hip pain. After two months, my physcial therapist suggested Pilates. I was so fortunate to find Patricia Robinson and Pilates Vita. I have had 10 private sessions and my pain is greatly diminished and my core is stronger. I have always led an active life, playing tennis 4 to 5 times weekly, walking 2 to 3 miles daily, exercising at a gym. I will soon be back to my favorite sport, tennis, thanks to Patricia and Pilates Vita.”
Carrie Hierath
“I have been a member of Pilates Vita for 9 months. I was experiencing the classic “menopause” symptoms ie failure to lose weight in the way I had always been able to, achy lower back and knees, trouble sleeping and extreme pain in an arthritic neck. After my first session, I was doubtful that I would ever be able to get my body to do the things that Patricia wanted it to and I was equally reluctant to believe that it would alleviate all my woes. Each month I can honestly tell you, my aches and pains have dissapated with the added asset of feeling stronger than I have since I was 25! The weight has not come off the way I would have liked but I am in good hands! Not long ago, Patricia noticed during a workout that my thyroid appeared to be swollen. At her suggestion, I saw a physician who diagnosed my low metabolism and is in the process of regulating a thyroid medication that has me feeling much better. This is just one example of the personal care you get at Pilates Vita and the ultimate reason I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to explore pilates…experience pilates with a great instructor and the best studio in Denver!”
Debra Tracy, wife of Jim Tracy (GM of The Rockies)