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seta Our Professional and Experienced Staff are Here to Assist You.


Pilates Vita offers high quality training in the authentic Pilates Method. Only those who have completed an extensive certification program, consisting of years of apprenticeship, will be accepted to instruct at this studio. This is why it is necessary for each instructor to go through the entire system of over 500 exercises, modifications and variations; to prevent injuries, handle current ones, understand physical limitations, to know how to perform safely on the equipment, and the most important thing: To know how to adjust to different people. Like everything in nature, each person's body is different. Each of our instructors must keep up with their training by attending Continuing Education courses, conferences, and taking sessions from master instructors.

Patricia A. Robinson

Rick Robinson

About Patricia A. Robinson

Founder & Owner of Pilates Vita INC & Pilates Vita License INC
Master Pilates Instructor

Continuing my dream:

Having helped hundreds of people to experience the joy of Pilates, I realized that others might also have the same dream of owning a business focused on health and fitness through Pilates. 

So I am excited to share with you a program to help people like yourself do so, through my program called Pilates Vita Partners.

Through a Licensing Agreement, I am now helping people to open their own studios and live the wonderful life that a successful Pilates business can give them. 

I personally train and certify our partners with my custom Contemporary Pilates Certification Program. I also give you the business knowledge of growing and running a successful Studio. We provide the web marketing support in one of the most successful brands available.

We are having a fantastic response to become a partner with Pilates Vita and I would love to share this business opportunity with you. So if you are interested in learning more, please contact us at:

1(305) VITA111 or 1(721) 527-6600

About Rick Robinson

With over 3 decades in franchising, Rick has personally helped more than 800 people find the right business to invest in for themselves. His many years of experience make him an excellent resource and he is very excited to help even more people achieve their dream in the exciting world of fitness with Pilates Vita. 

Rick also has obtained his CFE designation (Certified Franchise Executive) from the International Franchise Association and was honored by being elected to serve on their Board of Directors for several years and has been a guest speaker at six of their annual conventions.

With an extensive background in a world that he knows very well, Rick is ready to now help more people find their dream of business ownership.

"Fitness continues to have tremendous growth and Pilates is one of the fastest growing methods available. So becoming a Pilates Vita Partner is a great opportunity for the right person to be a part of this growth!"......Rick Robinson